League (Day 34): Casillas reactions


Casillas talking with the media after Zaragoza game
Casillas talking with the media

How does it feel to lose in this way?
It is an unexpected defeat that makes virtually say goodbye to what was a possible miracle in the League. We never gave up. We always believed we could win. Something unfortunate happened whenever we came close to drawing the match: there was a possible penalty on Kaka, Benzema hit the crossbar... They killed us with their third goal, but we kept trying. It just didn't happen for us.

Has affected the defeat against Barcelona?
It's possible that everything that's happened in the last few days was on our minds, but that's no excuse. Zaragoza gave a good performance and capitalised on our mistakes.

Have you gone to the field distracted?
No. Until my mistake there was no problems. We were playing more conservatively and had no clear chances. In the second part, we searched for the draw but there was another unfortunate with the penalty action.

What happened in your mistake of the first Zaragoza goal?
It was bad luck. I'm somewhat angry because the team didn't earn a better result due to a mistake I made, but we're all human and we all make mistakes.

How do you approach the game at the Camp Nou?
We will intend to win in Barcelona; we know we have the disadvantage, but everything is possible in football.

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