The Classics will take a break... until August

The four Classics lived in the past 20 days have brought an urgent need to see a Real Madrid-Barcelona almost every week. The remaining months until both contestants face again, appear as an endless journey through the desert for the fans. However, this delay will be not so long.

When in July the Assembly of the League decide the schedule for the next season, also make ​​official the date of the meetings for the Spanish Super Cup. The first trophy of the new season will have as opponents, the giants of Spanish football: Real Madrid as champion of the "Copa del Rey", and Barcelona, as more than possible League champion and Spanish Cup tournament runner-up.

In the absence of official confirmation of the date, the only thing clear is that the games will take place midway through the month of August, before the start of the next League. Three months of tense calm before the two new classics in which Real Madrid will have the chance for revenge.

RFeal Madrid vs Barcelona: Spanish Super Cup 1997
Real Madrid: Spanish Super Cup Champion 1997

A tournament that Barcelona has won nine times and is the team that has more Super Cups of Spain in its showcases. Only one less has the Real Madrid which has raised the trophy eight times (white team has disputed for this title eleven times). Although Barcelona's superiority as far as history is concerned, the Real Madrid has a data to believe. Whites have lifted the four Super Cups they have played against the Catalans. The last precedent in 1997.

Have spent hours since De Bleeckere, infamous memory for Real Madrid, whistled the end of the fourth Classic, but the next match is already served. In August, more.

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