Jose Callejon: Signed by five million euros

Jose Callejón, whose signing will be confirmed by the two clubs at the end of the season, has been a choice of Mourinho, who liked his attitude and actions in the two matches against Espanyol. The striker has "exploded" playing in the sides, a false position from where sometimes he becomes second forward or plays between the enemy lines. His speed and defensive sacrifice are his best weapons. The negotiation was swift: they came warned by a statement of Florentino Pérez in February when he announced the return of a former youth squad. Everything indicated that the "return" would be Dani Parejo, to fill the creative midfield position, but the possible incorporation of Nuri Sahin seems to close the doors to Getafe player.

Callejón, who started 33 times with six goals and ten assists, was signed by Paco Herrera for a million euros from the Castilla and will return to the white club, which had no preferential option, for five million. He will sign for four years and will earn two million per year. The player could have already passed medical checks in the capital of Spain.

The Espanyol player, whose buyout clause is eight million, ends his contract next season and negotiations for renewal were stranded. Real Madrid wants more Spanish players in the staff and although it is rumored that the player could be part of an operation during the summer, Mourinho wants that the player will improve the competitiveness of a young squad with great future.

Callejón playing for Espanyol
Jose Callejón

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