Champions League (Semifinals, 2nd Leg): Cristiano


"It was Mission impossible 4". So Cristiano Ronaldo described the second leg of the Champions League for Real Madrid. The Portuguese said his team has gone to Barcelona because it is "A gentleman club", but said that "Had been better not to come". "Next season would be better than give the cup to Barcelona directly", he charged.

Cristiano upset during the match
Cristiano Ronaldo 

"The team is sad, but we knew it was an uphill battle. The name of the match is Mission Impossible 4. Once again it was the referee that didn't allow us to dictate the outcome. We knew we could beat Barça, but the referee didn't let us. Higuain's goal was good. Pique pushed me and I landed on Mascherano. He didn't used to fall to the ground in England, but he's picked up the bad habit of doing it here like everyone else".

"The referee in the first match took away our chances of playing the final. Whoever knows anything about football knows that Barcelona get preferential treatment. We knew something would happen. We knew that if we scored a goal that everything would be done to keep us from going through. This isn't good for football. We should just stay home and allow Barcelona to play alone if things don't change".

"Barcelona have a lot of power off the pitch. We would have drawn 0-0 without the Alves incident and tonight's draw would have seen us through. There are no differences between the teams as was seen thoughout the four matches. We won the Copa del Rey by playing fairly. I don't feel that Barcelona were better than us, but rather that they have a lot of help from the referees".

Cristiano Ronaldo was asked if he kept his idea, launched after the 0-2 at the Bernabeu, that he does not like Mourinho's style of play. The Portuguese called a "tempest in a teapot" these demonstrations. "I feel more comfortable playing in a place than in another. That message is not what I meant. I'm used to the arbitration and the press, we must learn to live with it", he said.

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