Mourinho: "A draw is not bad result"

"A draw at home in the first game is not bad result. A 1-1 is not bad. I do not say we are gonig to play for a draw. The Tottenham is what is required. Real Madrid has nine Champions titles". Mourinho wants to take pressure off the team and know how. With the problems that the Portuguese coach sees in the first game, he does not rule out going to White Hart Lane to gamble the tie.

"The Champions League is the most important competition. We do not have to look outside other motivations. It's a match too important to think about other things", said Mourinho. Portuguese spun in the press conference and saw Higuain at his side. Coach did not hesitate to ask player: "How many times do you have played quarterfinals?". "Never", said the Argentine. "He is thinking about the game, not at Sporting. See that a top player as Higuain has never played a quarterfinals", concluded Mourinho.

Mourinho at press conference before the Tottenham match
Jose Mourinho

"In the League we are second and in Champions I do not know what will happen. We can win or fall in this tie against Tottenham. When we play very well, we win. When we play well, almost always win. When we play bad, we never win. Others, when they play less well, always win. There remains the Spanish Cup final and I want to be on the bench so I will not say much more" said the Portuguese coach in reference to the arbitration of last weekend when Barcelona was clearly benefited.

Mourinho wants to put aside the League. Forget the defeat against Sporting. The Champions League is a different climate: "It is time to think about the Champions League because we play this competition. It is a match that many others want to play but not everyone can. A match that Madrid did not play for some years old neither sees the Bernabeu" said de Setúbal coach.

Tottenham knows Real Madrid perfectly, but especially a player: Rafael Van der Vaart. The Dutch came to train with Mourinho but finally left the Spanish team for England: "I always want that players enjoy and he's doing now. What I can see is that he is a happy boy and a good player. He could also be a good player for us but took ​​his decision and we have Özil who is also good", Mourinho ended.

The Portuguese also had a message to Gareth Bale. The name sounds harder every time: "I was one of the first people who said he would be an excellent player. I said it when he was not yet known in European football. He is a great player but still young. Tottenham sells well and is not easy. It would be a lot of money and we already have Cristiano and Marcelo for those positions but it would be a good buy".

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