League (Day 30): Higuain reactions


You came back after an injury, but have gone with a loss ...

It's a shame we lost today because we had a great chance to grow stronger in the fight for the League, but I believe that there is life while there is hope. This club has made comebacks in many leagues. It's hard, but we have to keep winning. We're still alive; you can never leave Real Madrid for dead.

How do you have felt?
I am very happy on a personal level. People believed I would miss the entire season, but I managed to show them statistics don't rule everything in life. It wasn't really a challenge or a competition I had with anyone, but I did want to feel the pride of coming back ahead of schedule. I managed to and I felt very comfortable on the pitch tonight.

The key to my recovery was fighting hard and not to bring myself down. I fought for what I most love, which is to play football. Wearing this shirt at this stadium again is the most beautiful thing there is. I am grateful to all the coaching staff, to the fans, to my team-mates, to my family and to myself. I'm very happy to feel like a footballer again, even if this wasn't the comeback I dreamt of.

Gonzalo Higuian

You look more strong ...
The truth is that I felt good. I tried to play quietly at first to not drown, but it was inevitable and I choked, because the urge to score a goal and help the team was great. Sporting's goal killed me and all my colleagues.

You had a very good chance to score but Juan Pablo saved the goal ...
I would have reached for the sky had I scored from the first chance I got. I wanted to make sure I shot right, but the ball went the wrong way. These things happen in football. I'm happy with my return because a spinal operation is not something to take lightly. To play again and feel like a player once more is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you.

There is still the Champions League ...
We will have two very tough months ahead and hope that everything goes well.

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