Gillette knows that Kaka's beard has a price

Kaka, a player who claims to wear a normal and good boy image, fleeing the eccentricities, was presented Tuesday at the Bernabeu with a beard, not usual for him. Shocking. The explanation is that the contract he has with Gillette has expired and is in negotiations to renew it. The brand of shaving products (Kaka has been image along with other global sports icons like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Thierry Henry) remains confident in the style of Brazilian soccer.

Kaka played with beard the last Real Madrid match
Kaka's beard

Kaka has not grown a beard to press for renewal of this contract, but it is certain that his image is having a global impact. Is a reference. To see him having a shave again, along with other stars, can produce large revenues to this trademark. Kaka's beard is still highly valued and Gillette will put a new price for that shave. How long we will see him with that beard? For now, he presented his intentions in the game against Tottenham.

In his case there are more factors. Not only advertising but also the fact that he took more than a month without playing a match and in some ways, he wants to start again. Change the look is very typical of the Brazilian players when they want to end a poor run and claim that the fans see them with different eyes. Ronaldo did it in the World Cup in Korea and Japan in 2002. He shaved his head and left a lock on the top of the forehead. He wanted to talk more about his look and less abou the state of his knee. Had a positive effect, with covers dedicated to this style and children copying the hairstyle. Ronaldo, who many people took for finish, won the World Cup and ended up being the top scorer.

Kaka is in the process of proving to the critics that he has football in his legs for a longtime. The beard is a superstition that matches the new contract he is negotiating with Gillette.

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