Champions League (Quarterfinals, 1st Leg)


Real Madrid responded to the skid with Sporting, as years ago, in the European Cup when demolishing rivals in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Despite the European amnesia of the past seven years, became the Madrid that frightened opponents. A triumphant return that left Tottenham fired, which received a devastating shock. The Spanish team, again rapt in the tournament on which it built its epic, beat an opponent which first blew himself up and then melted. The final scoreboard liberates Real Madrid for the second leg and Mourinho will manage his staff without anguish in this stressful April. Against English team, Mou, oblivious to the doctors, risked with Cristiano, Di Maria and Marcelo. The three were main characters and all, apparently, left the Bernabeu without new medical reports. Another success for Madrid.

Both teams helped to the hectic opening period. Positive, Madrid, in negative, Tottenham, for which everything was a disaster. Except Lennon's injury in the warm, the other follies were all attributable to the English side. Redknapp, the coach, became entangled with the Lennon's out and mended the starting lineup, badly. Bale, who flies like a Jamaican on the left, was enclosed in the right, inhospitable territory for him as left-handed. By the way, Modric, the learned of the Spurs, was sentenced to the usual Bale's place. Tottenham went dark. Or, what is, at the foot of its defenses, which were made an orchard with the ball. To make matters worse, in the first corner favorable to Madrid, the defenders became like mummies in front of a two bodies striker as Adebayor, whose header cheated Gomes and Modric, who could not clear the ball under the crossbar.

Crouch's seconda yellow card against Real Madrid
Marcelo and Crouch

Tottenham's response to the Togolese goal was even more dire. There are English players too naive. They do not learn that there is another football off the island. Tackle is licensed only in British territory, as permission to drive on the left. The referees, out of the bounded Premiership, are not condescending, what Crouch should know, footballer of international experience with Liverpool and England. The boy is not encyclopedic, so in a quarter of an hour made more than enough merits to be sent off after mowing Ramos and Marcelo. The sly smile of the Brazilian betrayed Crouch's innocence.

The game was easy for Madrid from the beginning. Its staging was great. Team played "on fire", something that many times has distinguished itself in the European Cup, with the mystique that Chamartín distills. Tottenham was a doll against the local drive. Madrid was placed on the perimeter of the English penalty area, where the English team shrank what could in the trench. Khedira and Alonso won every punt and very close to Gomes, allowing to close with a shot every play. Often with Cristiano who shot everything and everything. No one had more strength than Marcelo, a plane along the left side and Adebayor was unreachable for Gallas, his former teammate at Arsenal.

Adebayor made an incredible performance agaisnt Tottenham
Emmanuel Adebayor

However, shortly after the blur of Crouch, the Madrid was switched off suddenly. White team felt that could rule the match without work hard. For a moment, Bale denied it and put Real Madrid on alert. The left midfielder changed at his natural place and Ramos was surprised in several plays, which angered Mourinho. With Bale in his post, Tottenham made ​​with ten players what had never played with eleven and caused the Pepe's yellow who can not play in White Hart Line. Real wanted toclose each attack by the central corridor, which multiplied the jam and Cristiano was a reason. At times obsessive, individualistic. From left as a starting point, he insisted on forcing the plays to the limit and invade the territory of Özil, who was displaced.

Mourinho corrected the team at halftime and stretched the English defense with Di Maria and Cristiano on the lines. Tottenham unbuttoned, Özil took the compass and Alonso had a better overview. Real Madrid grew up in the game in proportion to the result. Again after another corner, Adebayor headed, this time even more alone. The Spanish team was a gale, with the English unable to stand at the barricade. Di Maria scored goal of the night.The Argentine is not Bale but with his left foot from the right side slammed the ball into the square. The deployment of Madrid deserved a great goal. Cristiano added the fourth with a soft shot and the Gomes' help. A prize to the efforts of Cristiano Ronaldo, called up despite his muscle problems. He does not like to miss one. In London, he will not need to run any risk. Madrid has both feet in the semifinals.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabéu.
Attendance: 79,500
Goals: 1-0, m. 5: Adebayor. 2-0, m. 57: Adebayor. 3-0, m. 72: Di María. 4-0, m. 87: Cristiano Ronaldo.

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