Tottenham vs Real Madrid (1985): Amancio's scar

Like now, with the League almost lost, Real Madrid went to White Hart Lane on March 6, 1985, to contest the quarter-finals of the former UEFA Cup. The scoreboard: 0-1. Tottenham ahead of him, defending champion of the tournament. The same opponent with which will face today.

Real Madrid made the historic comeback against Anderlecht few days ago, but on "Buitre's gang" weighed the label "soft generation" that never came off. Amancio was the coach of Madrid and at White Hart Lane starred in a story that still remembers Ochotorena, goalkeeper of the team that began to emerg: "Before taking the field, Amancio showed us the scars of the severe innjury he suffered as player. He had done in a game we played with Castilla (Real Madrid B) in "Los Cármenes" Stadium (Granada), the same stadium where he was injured".

"Amancio could boast of a great curriculum as a player... and scars", recalls Angel, Madrid midfielder in those mid-eighties. Amancio, who claims not to remember the story, tried by his gesture that his younger players do not wrinkle in a complicated stadium that would test the competitiveness of the new generation trying to break through. His words after the game pointed to the epic: "When you talk on the field, when you struggle and fight, you have to win". The team played well. They spoke and help each other. In the previous, Amancio had been very critical of his players: "I want they think in football half than me". The phrase was a flurry to some of his players that attend the university, especially those of the "Quinta del Buitre".

Butragueño fight against Tottenham defenders in 1985 UEFA Cup tie
Tottenham vs Real Madrid (1985)

When that confrontation was played, English football was in full continental hegemony, winning all and it was anticipated like a sharp match. Nobody wanted to cross with those teams that had a feverish pace, that mixed direct and contact soccer with the ability of the three or four more technical players. "Hoddle was its star. He was left handed and very technical. At that time were not frowned upon the individual markings and Amancio ordered me to pursue him. They made ​​a very direct football and vigorous. There was no cover to the forwards. There was to players who caused the goals assistances, like Hoddle who had a great left foot", says Angel.

In the days before the first leg, Valdano, who played without shin guards, had told his friend Ardiles, Tottenham player, that this time he would play with protections. "Finally, Ardiles did not play either game, but somehow he was one of the first players that began to change over to English football". Ardiles was very light and his presence in a very physical football raised doubts at first. "Although not involved, flew to Madrid for the second leg and said that he was able to win a ball in the air against Santillana. He touched his head and explained that football lives there".

In 1985, the Spurs had won some fame as innovator. It was the first European football institution listed in stock exchange and tried to distance themselves from the traditional kick and rush with the recruitment Ardiles and Villa. Real Madrid was also surprised by a detail when team left the stadium. "Suddenly we saw a beautiful white Rolls Royce. We were told that it was Rod Stewart's car. He had a private box because he was a big fan of Tottenham.in Spain the boxes appeared late" concludes Angel .

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