Pepe gets tired of waiting and assumes he will not renew

Mourinho has grown tired of repeating that: "Real Madrid needs to Pepe and Pepe needs at Real Madrid". However, the Portuguese coach's words seem to have fallen on deaf ears. According to Spanish newspapers, Madrid will not renew the contract of Pepe. The club does not accept his wage demands and he assumes he will leave Madrid in 2012, unless the club has a good deal next summer and decides to sell.

Pepe at the airport with a travel bag on his shoulder

After a year of talks, the renewal of Pepe has reached an impasse in which none of the parties is willing to reach an agreement. The club offered the defense, who currently is one of the players with the lowest salary of teamplate (1.8 million), raising his salary to 3.5 million. Pepe does not understand that the club does not assess that he accepted a low salary by how expensive the transfer (30 million) and earns less than other players of lower rank.

Before this offer, the player made a first counteroffer of 5 million euros which was quickly rejected by Real Madrid. A few weeks ago Jorge Mendes, Pepe's agent, reported that the defense lowered his claims to 4 million euros per season. In the latter approach by the player the difference between Madrid and what he wanted was only half a million euros. However, the club refused to increase its initial proposal. Thus, Portuguese defense assumes he will leave the team, although Mourinho continues to press: "With Pepe team played better".

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