Mou: "Real Madrid is not used to play every three days"

"It's been years since Real Madrid played their last Spanish Cup final and we are just one game away from reaching this season's. It will be very difficult because our score in the first leg leaves the knockout stage rather open. My men looked very excited about reaching the final after our match in Sevilla. We will get there if we win or draw tomorrow. I expect the Bernabeu crowd to express its wish to reach the final and to help the team achieve this wish. It will be difficult because, as I said, the score is now very open. The team needs the support of its fans and I expect the Bernabeu crowd to help it reach the final".

Mourinho left the press conference of the match against Sevilla
José Mourinho

"We've played nine games in one month, which is difficult for players who aren't used to this. This team has been eliminated from the Spanish Cup in the first or second rounds in previous years, and it's left the Champions League in the Last 16 in the previous six or seven campaigns. These players are only used to playing in La Liga".

"My men have to get used to this. I expect them to do better next year and even better the following season. Our goal is to fight to the end to win every competition. The problem of playing a game every two days is not of a physical nature, but rather psychological. It is a bit hard. These players are men. A man is a creature of habit, and a player is a man. Therefore, a player is a creature of habit".

"We've been playing at a high level for a period of time and we are currently finding it harder to do so".

"I don't like to talk about men who aren't playing at the moment, but I have to say the team performs at a higher level with Pepe. He isn't afraid of leaving open spaces behind him. He pressurises more, makes more steals and recovers the ball better in attack. I am very satisfied with my defenders, but Pepe's skills allow him to change the team's style".

"We are scoring fewer goals right now, but this is absolutely normal. We face teams that don't play mid-week games and who only prepare to face us".

"Cristiano Ronaldo is an essential player to us. I will be the last person to mention to him he hasn't scored a goal provided he gives his all for the team. Cristiano is having a fantastic season and he will score again, but I don't know if he will do so on Sunday or next week".


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