Cup Semifinals (2nd Leg): Mourinho reactions

With calm tone, José Mourinho analyzed away from the controversy this time, Real Madrid win over Sevilla: "It took us a lot to get to this final, and because of the difficulty of our path to reach it, I truly believe we deserve it. We played nine straight matches in January and we played well in all of them. Now we should forget a Cup that has hurt us, because it has taken us reaching the last game. We deserve it because the way we had. In two weeks we had to play two games against Sevilla and two against Atletico".

Mourinho during the match against Sevilla in Spanish Cup Semifinal
Jose Mourinho

"We didn't want to speculate with the outcome and we tried to score from the very first minute. We tried and tried but weren't able to score. Sevilla had to play riskier football in the second half and we managed to score. The goal provided some much needed relief. I am very happy with the way the team has grown. They have managed these ties well and overcome a lot of difficulties. Although they took their toll, I think we have gained some very valuable experience".

"We have taken this competition very seriously since the first match because we want to return this club to a prestigious place in it. The players played very hard to get here. We can't wait to play and win the final. There are no favorites in finals. History says so. Many times the least likely team is the one who walks away with the title".

About the lack of relay to the starter players he said: "It's a lot easier to be a reporter than a coach. A coach is asked to rotate his players, but if they don't work then he takes the blame. If he doesn't, the team gets tired and it's also his fault. It's a lot easier to comment than it is to say. I cannot expect young or injured players to be on the top of their game with a simple "click." I also have players who I simply have a lot of trouble resting because of how important they are to me and the team".

"Adebayor saw his dream come true. He scored the first ball he touched at home, and it wasn't easy. It's good for him and his confidence. It's fantastic for the confidence of any footballer who scores in his first match in the Bernabeu".

"Benzema played a great match. He moved well, he lost his markers, he passed well... Cristiano, once again, worked for the team. He is the player he is. He didn't score, but he worked hard for his teammates and he will be right there again come Sunday. We have two very good forwards, and we hope that we get Higuain back for the end of the season. We also want Morata here starting on day one next season. He is doing what he needs to be doing with Castilla".

Mourinho complained about the date of the final, 20 April: "It's a strange time, because if Barcelona and Real are in Champions, will be busy when others European teams will think only in the quarterfinals of the Champions. But it is better to be in the Cup final than not to be".

And he ended valuing Pandiani attack against Cristiano Ronaldo: "He had his minutes of fame and should pay for that advertising. He's smart and has not done, but is expensive. Cristiano knows what happened to him and should continue".


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