Fatigue decreases the success of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo accumulates 338 minutes without managing to score a goal. The latter was achieved in Spanish Cup against Atletico on 20 January. In League he did not score since Jananuary 9, with his hat-trick against Villarreal. These figures are not usual in the crack of Madeira.

Cristiano Ronaldo fatigued during a match
Cristiano Ronaldo

This month has seven goals, five of them got in the first two games of the year with Getafe and Villarreal. The other two goals were scored to Atletico in Spanish Cup. In summary, he has played without scoring in four (Almeria, Mallorca, Sevilla, Copa,and Osasuna) of the eight January games.

The problem is that Cristiano began to feel the tiredness in your legs and so his lack of success in the second half of last month. Seven is the Real Madrid player who has played more minutes in an underutilized teamplate. In total 2,886 this season, surpassing even Casillas (2880). The second field player with more minutes, Marcelo (2553) has participated 333 minutes less than the Portuguese.

Mourinho has full confidence in him and there are no circumstances or results that make go out his star of the starting team. Cristiano has played 30 complete games and has started 32 of the 34 games Real Madrid has played. Only he did not play in the second leg of Cup against Levante (2-0). The other game that he was not starting, against Murcia. The Portuguese played the entire second half although the team was winning 2-0 at the break.

Of the 32 games he played as a starter, Mourinho only relieved him from two games; in the first leg of the Cup against Murcia on 69 minutes and against Auxerre in the Champions League, on 72 minutes. A total of 3,060 official minutes played with Real Madrid. Cristiano has lost only 174, has been on the pitch for 94% of minutes available.

On goals, is the third worst run without scoring since joining Madrid. The worse was the beginning of this year where he accumulated 388 minutes without managing to score.The second was in the 09-10 season, when he did not score in 345 minutes.

Now, his contribution to the game has not decreased; in the last three league matches has not dropped his average shots (7.5 per game), but fatigue has hindered his success.Cristiano still remains the top scorer in the league with 22 goals, one more than Messi, and leads the Golden Boot. In the month of February, with less games, the Portuguese can rest and recharge his batteries for return to his best level. Real Madrid will need him to break the evil spell of Champions.

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