League (Day 21): Casillas reactions

The captain and Real Madrid goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, admitted that after the defeat against Osasuna (1-0) in the "Reyno de Navarra" which makes the whites seven points behind Barcelona, is a "setback" but remains confident his peers.

Casillas shot the ball during Osasuna-Madrid match
Iker Casillas 

"It's an important difference, but salvageable. It is clear that we have taken a step backwards, but that does not mean all is lost. We will keep working, trying to get the games ahead, and waiting for a lost of Barcelona that allows us to approach" said the Real Madrid goalkeeper.

So, after the defeat he thinks in the comeback plan: "We will keep working and trying to win games so that the difference in the standings with Barcelona was reduced" said the Real Madrid captain.

Regarding the game against Osasuna, Iker Casillas explained how he saw the match: "We have come to the rival goal frequently and had several clear chances. But sometimes the ball does not want to go in and whatever you do, does not do it".

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