Wind is blowing again in favor of Mourinho

Mourinho was cheered again when was heard his name at the Barnabeu stadium, last Wednesday, in the match against Barcelona. There were no whistles. Nor when he came off the bench, something that made again after several games hidden in his chair. He feels safe again and no wonder: the wind has changed, now blowing in favor of him. The statements of Sara Carbonero (Casillas' girlfriend) in Televisa Deportes (Mexican TV channel) explains clearly all his previous attitudes. We will not say that justify them, but for many people it will. But of course it explains them and we understand better his hysteria, the attempt to make Adan the starting goalkeeper, his antipathy toward Iker Casillas.

Mourinho and Casillas attending a meeting
Mourinho and Casillas

Because now it is hard to think that Iker Casillas was not who had been behind some or many of the things that have been known from inside the locker room. Sara Carbonero is a journalist, of course, and has the right to tell what she knows, but she is the captain's girlfriend what severely compromises him. Impossible to say whether he approved what she said, or even he instigated her to do it, but the harder it is to think that she can enjoy better sources or, if that were the case, she has not talked about all the information with Casillas.

So we can understand many things: Adan in the starting lineup in Malaga, the same against Real Sociedad, Mourinho has always spared no praise for Casillas... No, it was not that Mourinho had utmost confidence in Adan as we saw in the last match facing Barcelona, but it was a punishment to Casillas. Mourinho had a theory that has been proven successfully. Suddenly the executioner is seen as a victim of the indiscretions of the captain, so the Bernabeu has returned to support the coach. Mourinho can pick up the papers, regain authority and perhaps wait for happy days in the Spanish Cup and the Champions League. This has changed.

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