'Higuain, The indestructible': The Book on 'Pipita'

Gonzalo Higuain already has his book. 'Higuain, the indestructible', edited by the publisher 'Al poste'. The author is the journalist, Ulises Sanchez-Flor, which delves into the history of the Argentine player who came to Real Madrid with 19 years old just turned and has played now six seasons in the club. Today is the starter forward of the Argentine national team alongside Leo Messi.

Cover of the Book 'Higuain, The indestructible'
'Higuain, The indestructible'

It is not just a book about football. Higuain reveals his more human and personal side. It includes a chapter about a serious illness, meningitis, because as a child was about to pass away. His beginnings as a footballer at River Plate, talks with the agent (Jose Luis Calvo, the brains of the operation) who recommended the transfer to Real Madrid and that he did it in a record time of 10 days. The foreword is written by Pedja Mijatovic, the man who bet on him, and also Jorge Valdano and the legend Alfredo di Stefano make a comment about Gonzalo Higuain.

"I chose the title 'The Indestructible' to define a player who joined Real Madrid in a difficult moment. White team lived a moment of enormous institutional instability, under the presidency of Ramon Calderon, and because of the poor performance of the team managed by Fabio Capello.

It was very hard for Gonzalo Higuain. The Italian coach wanted to transfer him. Even playing for Real Madrid Castilla was an alternative but Calderon and Mijatovic opposed. And, since his arrival, has had to overcome many adversities. Every year has been questioned, has been located outside of Real Madrid. White team has signed the best strikers, Gonzalo has overcome complicated injuries as a herniated disc, and has always been able to trace.

His faith, his strenght, his hidden talent and character have given two leagues to Real Madrid. He has had great offers from English, Italian and Russian teams and he has always rejected all. They have not stopped tempting him. But in the end has been carried away by his feelings. Higuain is now one of the most beloved players in the white locker room," says the writer.

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