Messi insulted Arbeloa and Karanka after the last Classic

Leo Messi did not have his best day at the Bernabeu in the last Spanish Cup match. And not only within the field, where after many Barcelona games he was not decisive. After the match had two major clashes with Alvaro Arbeloa and Aitor Karanka as several Spanish media reported.

Arbeloa and Messi fighting for a ball at the Bernabeu Stadium
Alvaro Arbeloa and Leo Messi

According with what has been told in the Spanish media, some members of the Real Madrid squad are quite upset with Leo Messi, both for his behavior on the field and off. The game last night was the straw that broke the camel to the point that Xabi Alonso berated on the Santiago Bernabeu field some actions of the Argentinian star.

However, things did not end on the pitch. As was reported by 'Punto Pelota TV' and has been confirmed by MARCA newspaper, the four-time Golden Ball went to the Bernabeu parking after the game, looking for Alvaro Arbeloa. Messi insulted the Real Madrid player (called him dumb, among many other things) who could not believe what was happening. His wife, Carlota, who is in a state of pregnancy, was with the Spanish international player in the car and did not understand anything. "What's wrong with him?", asked her husband according to eyewitnesses. Keeping calm, Arbeloa said: "Shut up and get on the bus". An employee of Barcelona had to go to take Messi and bring him along with the rest of the Barcelona team.

Also, other Spanish media reported another incident of Messi with a white club member, in this case Aitor Karanka. According to the media, the footballer talked to the white second coach in these terms: "What's up with you? Shut up, you're the Mourinho's dummy." Barcelona, of course, has denied any incident with Leo Messi.

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