Oh la la! Varane

Neither Messi nor Cristiano Ronaldo. Varane was the big winner of the night. The French player rose above the other players and had a brilliant performance that establishes himself as a top central defender. At 19, Varane not only passed the test of the Classic, but was confirmed as a world-class player. The child of Zidane, who was his great supporter for the signing with Real Madrid, became an adult in the best possible scenario and with the most dangerous rival. To top it off, scored the tying goal. The finishing touch to a big night.

Varane celebrates his goal against Barcelona
Raphael Varane

Five years later, the Real Madrid fans rub their hands with the birth of another central defender that will mark a time in the White team. The December 23, 2007, at the Camp Nou, Pepe made ​​a game just perfect against Barcelona and showed a hierarchy that nobody had not seen on a football pitch for a long. He was perfect at crossings and forceful in anticipation. Not only won the clash with Eto'o, won the fight against the whole Barcelona. That night, Real Madrid won 0-1 at the Camp Nou, a Baptista's goal, but the sensation was Pepe. Don Jose, as he was called by the media after his superb performance.

On January 30, 2013 Don Raphael was born. The boy became a man. Raphael was the best player of the world for 90 minutes. His defensive actions were crucial throughout the match. Where Barcelona set fire, the young Frenchman appeared to extinguish it. His first intervention was decisive, on the stripe of the goal saved a shot from Xavi, who sang goal. Then took the first ovation of the game after recovering the ball in a great fight with Messi.

In the second half, more of the same. He came from behind to hack off the ball to Cesc, who was facing Diego Lopez. Varane did the same with Messi a few minutes later, in another clear position of the Argentine to score. The icing on his performance came after scoring the Real Madrid goal (a cross from Ozil). Varane not only saved Real Madrid, but he balanced the tie.

And is that Real Madrid got battered by injuries in defensive zone. Especially painful were the absences of Ramos and Pepe. However, Varane reached their the level. Butragueño surrendered to the French player's performance. "He's done a sensational game in every aspect and finished with the header that keeps us alive in the tie. It is not easy to play these games and he has done everything right. Varane rarely fails and that is something very significant", he told.

After the match, the hero talked to the media: "I'm very happy with how I played. For me it was incredible and to score a goal is a dream. I still cannot believe it. It is the best match I've had at Real Madrid". The centre back also commented on the final scoreline and spoke about the reaction in the dressing room: "It is not the best result but it leaves the tie open. My teammates congratulated me and I have to keep giving my best".

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