Spanish League: Day 26


Real Madrid showcased amazing football and showered Malaga with goals tonight at the Bernabeu. Iker Casillas' goal never experienced a threat. Jose Mourinho used rotations in order to save the strength of important players for ensuing games. Cristiano Ronaldo was niggled during the match.

Marcelo and Cristiano

The Whites were anxious to show everyone that the result earned last week against Deportivo was an accident. Benzema scored the opener 26 minutes into the game by finishing off a solid centre from Xabi Alonso. Di Maria scored the second strike nine minutes later after receiving a long pass from Marcelo that Gaspar failed to intercept. The Argentine then defeated goalkeeper Caballero with ease. Marcelo netted the third goal just before half-time.

Ozil passed the ball to Cristiano Ronaldo on the 50-minute mark, the Portuguese player controlled it with his right foot and defeated the goalie with his left. Mourinho then decided to replace Xabi Alonso and Di Maria with Adebayor and Gago. A few minutes later, Benzema netted his second strike in the match with a good shot from inside the box (61').

Six minutes later, a handball was called against Gaspar in the box and a penalty was awarded to Real Madrid. Ronaldo took the shot and scored. The Portuguese player tallied a third strike ten minutes later after receiving a great assist from Canales, but he had to leave the pitch because he hurt himself: Real Madrid had already made their three substitutions, but Ronaldo couldn't stay on the pitch. Nothing much happened in the remainder of the game.

The Whites are set to face Racing in Santander on Sunday.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 51,000
Goals: 1-0, m.27: Benzema. 2-0, m.36: Di María. 3-0, m.45: Marcelo. 4-0, m.51: Cristiano. 5-0, m.63: Benzema. 6-0, m.66: Cristiano (penalty). 7-0, m.77: Cristiano.

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