League (Day 26): Mourinho reactions


Mourinho and Pellegrini

"Obviously, by losing 4-0 in the second half and having played a vital derby a couple of days ago, it is normal that Malaga experienced some physical problems tonight. That's why I made three substitutions when the game had been sentenced. I also stopped giving out instructions because there wasn't much more to say."

"I took off Alonso, Di Maria and Ozil because they also needed to rest. I cannot feel guilty about Ronaldo's injury because I made the substitutions immediatley. I cannot make four, five or six substitutions. A player can get injured on the pitch or at his own home. I don't think he's injured due to exhaustion because we faced Deportivo five days ago."

"Benzema is playing better. He is a completely different player from the footballer he was when I arrived. He is much more solid, and stronger both phsyically and mentally. He played very well tonight and was dynamic. I liked him a lot. I knew what Adebayor could do before he arrived here. I knew how he played and I knew what he could bring to the team. Having two centre forwards available gives you the chance of using one or the other depending on the game."

"I don't think what Pellegrini said about saving the strength of players was an excuse. It is a reality. They played a final on Monday and they have another on Sunday. That's why I don't find it unusual for a coach to save some of his men."

"I have nothing against Malaga city, nor against the club or the people that work in it. It's not a problem from me to apologise if I must, but the truth is I simply answered like I always do: without hypocrisy."

"If you ask the best players in the world, or the coaches who work at the best clubs, if they would coach Malaga they would answer this: 'Why not? I would some day, but not now because I'm currently at Real Madrid, at Inter Milan, at Barcelona...' But this isn't true. Those who can, choose the best situation available to them. One of my faults is that I'm not a hypocrite in a world full of hypocrites. I will always have this fault."

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