Interview: Uli Stielike

Uli Stielike (Ketsch, 1954) continues to radiate the personality of steel that made him immortal in the Bernabeu. After the terrible loss of his son Michael due to pulmonary fibrosis (three years ago), Germany former player of Real Madrid breaks his silence since his warm retreat in Qatar, where he arrived a couple of years ago trying to put distance with the personal tragedy experienced. His 215 games in 8 seasons are more than enough guarantee to discuss in detail his former team, his countrymen Khedira and Özil, Messi, CR7 and, of course, Mourinho.

Qatar is the new home of Uli Stielike
Uli Stielike (Qatar)

How did you come to Qatar?
I was training in Switzerland to Sion and both broke the contract. There was a goalkeeper of Egypt (El Hadary) and his manager who has an office in Dubai, asked me if I was interested in coming to work in this area. Naturally, I said yes. He had good contacts with clubs here, so I joined Al Arabi. I was there two years and this season I changed and came to Al Saliyah, which is also in first division.
The experience has been very positive because Al Arabi was several years away from the first positions and were able to finish third last season. We are now in a more modest team that has always struggled to avoid relegation. We are in quiet positions, so we are happy, but much remains.

Does your family had a hard time to continue with your life?
Yes. Life can never be the same because you are sad memories that you can not ignore. Are there and always will be. But we have two more children. Boy live in Spain and the girl is married for six months. She is in Germany. They give a great strength to my wife and me.

You look happy in Qatar, has you resigned to work in Europe?
With this contract I just signed I do not think right now back there. Obviously, in our profession should always take into account supply and demand. This happened when I came here. What we have 'in mind', the day that 'hangs up my boots', it's back to Europe, and will surely be to Spain.

Do you follow Real Madrid? What do you think about the team this year?
No doubt that Mourinho's hand is felt in the game. Özil and Di Maria arrivals have expanded the options for goal, with Ronaldo, of course. Then the defense has gained in consistency and stability with Carvalho. The team has the capacity to fight for every title at stake and that is the best signal.

After many years have suddenly two Germans arrived at the Bernabeu: Özil and Khedira. Do you see them succeeding in white?
I think so. The most important thing is to adapt and integrate yourself as quickly as possible to the country, the habits and the team. From a distance I can not say if they are already identified with the club, but their football and their professionalism help this integration.

Messi has won two Golden Balls; CR7, one. Who of the two is the best for Stielike?
Both are great, brilliant. I only distinguish one thing: Ronaldo is more individualistic while Messi plays more for the team. Therefore, I can understand Messi won the trophy again, but in truth I had not bothered if Xavi had won this year, a player who leaves a mark in every game and demonstrates his value with Barcelona.

Schuster has already coached to Madrid, Hugo and Michel have sounded. Instead, you never. Have you ever dreamed coaching Real Madrid?
No, never. I never understood the Madrid, regardless of the president. I was working for 8 years in the German national team with boys of 17 years. I knew the best talent in the country, but Madrid never requested me reports. As I said, I never understood. And I'm not alone. Others former players think the same. In my opinion, the Madrid missed an opportunity.

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