League (Day 25): Mourinho reactions


"Deportivo practically didn't touch the ball in the second half and we played against a goalkeeper and ten defenders. All that matters is the outcome, but I cannot criticize my players. One team played to win and the other worked very hard to take one point. The team that was after the point got what it wanted. I think it would have been fair had the match ended 0-1."

Jose Mourinho

"Deportivo can play however they want. I have nothing to say in that respect. I am sure they are pleased with the point. They played their match and worked hard. If they play this way in every match, I am sure they would be competing for a Europa League spot. Hats off to them, but there is no comparison with other matches."

"Seven points is a lot, but mathematics play an important role and we will continue as long as it's possible."

"I don't like to speak about the referee's performance. I don't know if it was a hand ball because I was too far to see it. In Lyon I did see it from a distance. There was no doubt in my mind. I didn't see this penalty as clearly. I spoke to the fourh referee about being more well-mannered with my players because he was speaking to them in a way that isn't normal."

"I will always try to defend the interests of Real Madrid and its fans. The schedule is decided by people who know what they are doing. Playing on Sunday would have been the normal thing to do. The people who drew up the calendar knew what they were doing. People laugh behind my back, but I will continue speaking out against a situation that is clear to everyone. It is something that is impossible to deny, but that's a whole other matter."

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