Sergio Ramos; Real Madrid player until 2017

Sergio Ramos and Real Madrid have virtually ended the contract renewal agreement of Seville defender which will join him at the white entity until 2017. It is estimated that the player will charge around four and a half million euros per season. Once announced the continuity of the Spanish international player, Pepe could be the next.

Sergio Ramos as captain of Real Madrid heading a ball
Sergio Ramos

Jose Mourinho agrees with the idea of the club and believes that Ramos must be one of the pillars on which to base the team's future. The substitution in Cornella (vs Espanyol), for some people a coach's punishment according to the supposed anarchy of the defender, was just a break. No hard feelings. It was demonstrated against Levante and Olympique Lyon, where he started on the right side.

Sergio Ramos arrived at Real Madrid in the summer of 2005, after paying 27 million euros. His performance has not gone unnoticed by big European clubs, some of them willing to shell out more money than white club paid to Sevilla.

The last to knock Real Madrid's door asking for Ramos have been Chelsea and Milan. Especially tempting was the offer of the Italian team. Milan offered Pato, one of its most important players. Both teams received the same answer: Sergio is already like a shield.

The renewal agreement has not been made official because the club is still looking for the right time. Once announced the continuation of Spanish, will be the turn of Pepe. In the club there is absolute confidence that the Portuguese will extend his contract. Sergio Ramos and Pepe will remain the team's defensive base for many years.

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