Cristiano "The Untouchable"

And in the 25th day ... Cristiano will not rest. The Portuguese will start against Deportivo and tonight will become the only player in the league who has played every minute of the championship. CR7 is now tied with Iraola, but the low due to suspension of the Bilbao defense leaves him as the only untouchable in the league.

Cristiano rests on the field
Crisitano will not rest tonight

The stroke he suffered in his left ankle against Lyon made alarm bells ringing in the Real Madrid expedition but Mourinho confirmed that Ronaldo will join the starting lineup and has no intention to give him rest: "He's fine and will play. It is useless I protect him ,because injuries can not be foreseen. Canales has been injured in a relaxed training, a sign that in the world of football is impossible to protect players".

In this way, Cristiano Ronaldo will reach the 2,363 minutes in the league, even ahead of Iker Casillas, that if he completes the whole game tonight, will reach 2,086. The third Real Madrid player with more minutes is Marcelo who tonight will be starter and will accumulate 1,994 minutes. These data include the minutes added by the referees.

Until now, Iraola and Cristiano are the ones who had played every possible minute, but the Basque ahead Portuguese by three minutes. Today, Iraola will stay in second position. The third player on the field (no goalkeeper) with more minutes in the league is Torrejón (Santander), who has played 23 complete games and has only been replaced in one match (2217 minutes).

Is a target of Cristiano to finish the season playing every minute of the championship?

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