Riazor has an account to settle with Mourinho

Mourinho is not a beloved character in A Coruña. Real Madrid coach had a controversy with the blue and white fans in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final in 2004 and since then they are waiting for him.

Mourinho smiles in Riazor Stadium as Porto coach
Jose Mourinho 2004

In the first leg, Porto and Deportivo tied 0-0. In the Galician city it was conceived as a good result and had high hopes of being able to stand in the final. Mourinho did not like it and the day before the game said a message: "I see them very confident".

Porto won 0-1 and reached the final (ended up being champion). At the end of the match, the current white coach continued delving into the wound: "I told you, you were very confident" he said. This episode is not forgotten in La Coruña.

Jose Ramon Pena, president of the Deportivo's Fans Federation, is one who does not hide his disagreement with those comments: "I was quite upset. He is a provocateur. He should not have done it, although it is part of his theater. I am sure fans will be welcomed with whistles because people remember. It was a very important game in the history of Deportivo", he recalls.

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