League (Day 24): Mourinho reactions

Jose Mourinho had nothing but kind words for his players following their 2-0 victory, which extends his personal home winning streak in league games to nine years.

Mourinho and Luis García

"I liked that my team played a serious match. These games ahead of Champions League matches can be complicated because players may focus more on the European competition. The team played well and was very focused."

"We knew Levante would make it tough. They were organized in defense, but we scored early and had things under control. Winning and resting players is what mattered."

"I like how Sergio Ramos and Benzema played. Cristiano always likes to play. He is fine from a physical standpoint and does not feel tired, so why should I take him out? A player can get hurt at any time. The risk is always there and we can't do anything about it."

"I started a team that I thought would be enough to win and we respected the opponent because we knew they had a solid defense. We had to be creative and dynamic, which is why I used four players in attack. I think it's only normal that I rest Xabi and Ozil, who will play the next match, when I still have other alternatives."

"Ever since we drew Lyon, we have been studying and learning about them. Real Madrid have two barriers to break down against Lyon. It's been years since Madrid made it through to the Last 16 and it's because they have never beaten Lyon. I would like to know if Lisandro, Briando or Delgado will be playing. We have to study all the possibilities and be prepared for anything and everything."

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