Mourinho: "The match against Levante is the most important"

Jose Mourinho at press conference

The team is on a dynamic upward ...
"I'm happy. We've had difficult games and I believe the team is returning to top form. I rather liked our performance against Espanyol because my men showcased disciplined and played to the limit of their strength. That's what I'm interested in at this stage in which everything is at stake for us."

If you do not lose the match against Levante, you will be nine years without a fall at home. The last time was in Beira Mar in 2002. How do you remember that day and how did you get that record?
"I don't do anything to keep my undefeated home record. If we happen to be drawing the game with 15 minutes to go tomorrow, I will not try to keep that result in order to keep my record. I want to win the match. I don't want to think about records. It means nothing to me next to the points we can take at home because these may produce titles. That's what matters."

What is your opinion about Olympique Lyonnais?
"We'll talk about the match against Olympique Lyonnais when the time comes. I will make two changes to my lineup tomorrow, but they won't be very important. The main structure and quality of the team will remain. Albiol will take Pepe's place, but this isn't new. I'm just trying to protect a player who hasn't played for a month. I will use Sergio, Albiol, Carvalho and Marcelo in defence. I'm making changes without really changing anything at all. Cristiano Ronaldo will also play. I don't think it's necessary for him to rest because he's strong and very important to us. I will give him time off when I think he should rest."

There are one hundred days of the season. Are the most important of your career?
"I regard the match against Levante as the most important in my career simply because it is the next one. These next few days are always the most important in every season because everything's at stake. My career has been too long, so it isn't right to say the next few months will be the most important in it."

"Levante are a dangerous team. We've faced them three times this season and they've only lost against us once. They are having a good run and they recently defeated Villarreal. They are out of the relegation zone, they are dangerous and they are having a happy streak. Caicedo is a threat. He, Stuani and Jorda are dangerous on goal. They shoot well and they're also good at heading the ball in."

After the setbacks of Barcelona, do you think can cut five points before the "Classic"?
"Are normal setbacks. Draw a game away is usual. Also losing in the Champions League. I am not elated to think that starting a losing streak of Barcelona."

Do you prefer to play before Barcelona to press?
"I do not care because what I want, Spanish League does not give it to me. It's good for Barcelona because it will have an extra day to rest. I would have liked to play on Friday, as the Lyon. Sevilla played on Thursday and will do again on Sunday, while Porto has no match. In Germany, France and Italy protect their teams. I would have liked to play against Deportivo on Sunday, but the match is scheduled to the next Saturday. I would have preferred to play against Malaga on Wednesday and it will be on Thursday. They do not fool me."

What about rotations?
"We will make two or three very important changes. We think Carvalho to rest, but Pepe is more than a month without playing and Carvalho is easier to recover from Saturday toTuesday."

Cristiano has played 90 minutes in ten games in a row...
"He will play eleven against Levante. I see no need. He is very strong, look against Espanyol. He ended up doing 50 meter races."

Do you consider Sergio Ramos as a substitute?
"To me, Sergio is no substitute. With all the defense at my disposal, I have my four central defenses and he passes to be one of the three side defenses."

Why you do not leave Pedro Leon go on loan to Chelsea?
"Because when a player is transferred, he must go to be the holder. If he's going to be a replacement, I do not allow it."

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