Mourinho: "God must think I am a nice guy"

Mourinho was in a radio broadcast in Spain and went through Real Madrid's present, placing emphasis on the situation of Pepe: "Is the renewal and extension of contract with Pepe critical for you?". Direct and forceful response from the Portuguese: "Yes".

Madrid coach was realistic about goals: "We can win all three, as we can not win any. Although not winning any competition would be a little hard" He clarified that hopes to win a title: "The natural tendency is to win something and initiating a series of victories" And he made a note: "I expect a lot more of my team next year".

Mourinho in spanish radio broadcast
Jose Mourinho

Mourinho spoke about the possibility of winning the Champions: "It is no coincidence that Porto and Inter won in my second season when the team was done. But we have the same chance of winning this year than other teams".

He did not dodge the issue of continuity: "If they do not throw me ... I signed four years and I have the intention of complying. Recently I said that if we were happy there was no reason not to follow. The truth is that I am happier in the last month. I see the club in the same direction as me. We are working with more empathy, because empathy has always been good with Florentino Pérez and José Ángel Sánchez (executive director)".

He analyzed the reason for this change in his situation: "The club understands me better. I always say it is easy to work with me because I am organized. But I have the feeling that it is not easy to work with me because of my character. My relationship with President is good and I share many ideas with José Ángel.

He did not mention Valdano until was asked: "He will work at the club because they are happy with him. There is no problem working in the club with him. In Valdebebas I have the power I have to have. There is no need for another person to do that work with us. The ideal structure for a club is that the coach reports directly to the President and the economist and executive director as José Angel. He described as normal his relationship with Valdano.

In relation to his players he explained the absence of Canales and Pedro León: "I try to summon all. A young player must not turn back, must fight". He explained that they have ahead people like Cristiano and Özil and compared their situation with Adam: "Adam always works as he goes to play on Sunday and knows that it is not, so he played well against Espanyol". Mourinho gave no importance to the substitution of Ramos: "I like to talk about positive aspects. Arbeloa's performances were good. There is no problem with Sergio". In addition, he spoke about the continuity of Adebayor in June: "Real Madrid has a privileged position with him. He is a player I like".

"Would Raúl play a lot this year with you?". "No doubt" he replied. And finally, he emphasized what he thinks God thinks of him: "He must think I am a nice guy, otherwise would not give me so much".

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