League (Day 23): Marcelo and Pepe reactions


Marcelo celebrates his goal against Espanyol

Real have won a victory in a very difficult field. Do you imagine that it would be so difficult?
"We knew it would be very complicated but we did not hope an expulsion so soon. All played our hardest and we reverse the situation. It is a very important victory to keep fighting for the league."

Team demonstrated an extraordinary character to win a match that started badly for you ...
"This is a great family and we are all fighting together to win. Whenever we get the three points."

You scored your first goal this season. This puts team back in the fight for the League.
"I am delighted to score and can help the team. But more important was the victory and catching up to Barcelona."

With the effort you made to defeat Espanyol has become clear that Real Madrid is not physically ill, as some say ...
"People talk about what they want, but we work hard to get this win and so we will continue until the end of the season. We are very excited about these three points and to achieve a new victory."


What adifficult game to play again!
"It is a reward to me to be in the starting eleven. It was a chance not to disappoint the coach. I've worked hard for this. I am very happy with the job I did today and with the efforts my team-mates made. Espanyol have very good players and it was hard for us to score. It was a tense and complicated game, so we are very happy with this victory."

What did you think when you saw the Barcelona match in Gijon?
"We faced up to the challenge. We are working to catch up with Barcelona. We still have to face them at home and, if we win, we will be closer to winning the title. If we continue to concentrate this hard, to showcase maturity and working this well, we will catch up with Barcelona."

Did Casillas touch Callejon in the play of the expulsion?
"The play is very fast. It is an interpretation of the referee and we are there to play. I do not know well, but the good thing is that we react."

Are you going to renew for Real Madrid?"I will not discuss this issue. At the moment I can only say I am happy in Madrid and people treat me very well. I will do everything possible to stay."

Valdano said after the game that your renewal is progressing well...
"Good to hear that (laughs). I have to do my work on the field."

Any offer of Barcelona?
"I am a Real player and it is a lack of respect for the people of Madrid. I'm happy at Madrid."

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