Claude Puel: "Real Madrid has improved on the physical"

The Lyon coach, Claude Puel, said Wednesday that Real Madrid, his next opponent in the Champions League, has improved this season thanks to its players work hard in all facets of the game: "I respect Real Madrid for its quality and especially since this season has improved on the physical and have players who sacrifice more" said the coach in a press conference less than a week to the match between the two teams at the Gerland Stadium in the first leg of last 16.

Puel on press conference
Claude Puel

Claude Puel attended last Sunday match between Real Madrid and Espanyol in Barcelona, and was impressed by the provision of the white set: "They should have left with nine players for the Espanyol have any choice, because even with ten looked like they were outnumbered", he joked Puel.

The coach added that: "Real Madrid is a team with six players making a lot of work and four that provide show". The coach appeared in front of the media, relaxed and confident he can make an upset in a tournament where the favorite does not always win as it was demonstrated by the matches where Valencia and Milan were surprised by the Shalke 04 and Tottenham, respectively.

"We're back to pointing out the difficulties that teams playing at home faced this season.The hierarchy is not imposed, which opens prospects for the rest of the world" he said with a big smile, referring to Real Madrid.

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