New look for the Bernabeu Stadium to reap financial rewards

Florentino Perez does not just want to turn the Santiago Bernabeu stadium into an architectural landmark. He also wants it to be the club's main source of income. Outside, a nice stadium. Inside, a big business. Because Real Madrid is hoping to rake in an extra 120 million euros a year by taking full advantage of the new-look Bernabeu. It is estimated that the club will get 60 million euros for its property side of the business – revenue generated by the multiple incorporated businesses - and a similar figure from intangible sales.

Bernabeu Stadium's future
Florentino Perez wants a new Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

The club currently receives around 160 million euros a season for operations at the stadium, but this includes ticket sales and season-tickets, and does not form part of the new budget. The club currently survives largely thanks to revenue from TV rights, which will decrease in the future, placing greater emphasis on extra income.

The club wants to follow the Madison Square Garden model in order to take full financial advantage of the football ground and the new plan was inspired by the New York stadium. There will be a gallery of shops and businesses of all kinds around the stadium. The clubs wants fans to be able to enter the complex without the need to leave to buy anything, even though fans may go in hours before kick-off. The Bernabeu stadium will welcome all types of businesses, including betting companies.

Hence the importance of reforming the Bernabeu to find new revenue streams. Real Madrid needs a new stadium concept to play football and make money, not only on game days, but throughout the week. It's delve into what's already there, but with a much stronger infrastructure. It's about turning the Real Madrid 'Coliseum' into the most important club's revenue source and not depend on others.

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