Florentino Perez's Galactics: The 11th is coming

First came Luis Figo, then Zinedine Zidane. Then Ronaldo, after that David Beckham. The fifth was Michael Owen. Then the new era started with Kaka, who was followed by Cristiano Ronaldo the same season. Then came Karim Benzema, and then Mesut Özil. Next-to-the last on this list is Luka Modric, and this year it could be the turn of Gareth Bale.

Gareth Bale: Florentino Perez's next target

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez wants Gareth Bale to wear the number 11 on the back of his Real Madrid shirt, but of course for this to come to pass, he is going to have to roll up his sleeves to negotiate with Levy, and part with a hefty fistful of millions of euros.

For Real Madrid, the numbers add up for Bale - between 90-100 million euros - but, apart from his undoubted qualities as a player, the expectations on the return on the investment for the Welshman are enormous. The Tottenham Hotspur player is one of the big stars in the Premier League, the competition with the greatest commercial reach worldwide, together with the Champions League.

Despite playing for a club which does not stand much chance of winning trophies, Bale has become an icon in the English-speaking world. At Real Madrid they are convinced that he would be one of the players with the highest media impact in the world if he were wearing the club's white shirt. And Adidas members are rubbing their hands at the prospect of bringing together one of their greatest players with one of their most important clubs, together with Bayern Munich.

Florentino Perez has never been afraid of paying out large sums of money just for one player. The sum total of the investment made by the Real Madrid club in the ten big stars under Florentino Perez is 471.5 million euros.

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