Real Madrid's pre-season 2013: Los Angeles

It is planned, Real Madrid will make the pre-season 2013 in Los Angeles. Everything is planned and closed in the absence of the rivals in the friendly matches. With or without Jose Mourinho ahead of Real Madrid, Real Madrid will begin the pre-season on American soil for the fourth consecutive year: it will be the USA Summer Tour 2013. The club is working ahead and anticipating and all is already advanced.

Real Madrid USA Tour 2013
Real Madrid pre-season 2013 will take place at Los Angeles

The preparation will take place on the campus of UCLA, which is where Real Madrid will train every day. It has very modern facilities according to Mourinho's taste. Located in Westwood, near Beverly Hills. The extensive sports complex has a baseball field and two soccer fields, a gym with the latest equipment and even has a hospital at the campus to deal with any eventuality. They will be about ten days and then Real Madrid will travel around the country to play several friendly matches. The idea is, in addition to Los Angeles, repeat match in Las Vegas and even in New York, but that will depend on the rivals and the competition management, the World Football Challenge.

The friendlies in USA will not be the only matches to play before the start of the official competition. Real Madrid, in principle, plans to participate in the Audi Cup, to face Bayern Munich that always disputes this summer tournament. It will be a single match and still must be decided the field to play; in the Allianz Arena (Munich) or in a Chinese stadium, as happened last season.

The first days of the pre-season 2013, Real Madrid squad will not be complete. The Spanish and the Brazilian international players, who will play the Confederations Cup from 15 to June 30 will not join the white team at the beggining. Depending on the success of their national teams, they will have an exact date to return to Real Madrid.



  1. Do you have any idea what hotel they are staying at?


    1. Beverly hills hotel, sunset/benedict canyon its near to ucla, but the only way 4 to see them is going to ucla field they'll training 4 a few day there

  2. What cities will Real Madrid be playin in U.S.A.? By any chance are they playing in Phoenix, AZ?

  3. Do we know the dates yet?


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