Mirror: "Bale, 130 million euros for five years"

The British newspaper Mirror launches today information that has not gone unnoticed by anyone. The British press has spent weeks insisting the possible signing of Gareth Bale for Real Madrid, but Mirror goes further talking about the operation conditions that lead the Welsh player to sign for the white club: 70 million euros transfer and 11.5 millions per season with a contract for five years, a total of 130 million euros.

Bale celebrates a goal with Tottenham
Gareth Bale

Real Madrid seems better positioned to face the signing of one of the revelations of the last seasons in the Premiership. Gareth Bale could go to the white club if we do not ignore the information every day comes from England, which claims that Florentino Perez is preparing financially to the institution to carry out the operation. The presence of Welsh player at Old Trafford last Tuesday has increased the rumors, and Mirror newspaper gives figures of Bale's possible move to Real Madrid.

The Welshman wing will sign for five years with a salary of 11.5 million euros each. That is, Real Madrid would pay the player 57.5 million euros over the five seasons. Regarding the price of the transfer, Tottenham would receive 70 million euros for the player. Adding both quantities, the total outlay of the transaction would cost the white club 127.5 million. An imposing figure that would be filed down by the performance expected of the player and the income generated by his arrival at Bernabeu Stadium.

According to this information, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Chelsea also try to sign the Welshman. However, Real Madrid also has a factor in favor, a preferential treatment after the agreement reached with Tottenham last summer (Modric's transfer). Bale will not force the situation as Modric did, but this time Daniel Levy is expected to be more flexible when negotiating.

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