Khedira: "Real Madrid has been a lucky break for me"

"Real Madrid has been a lucky break for me". Sami Khedira is one of those players who doesn't hide his good fortune, both making a living playing football and playing at Real Madrid. He says as much on his website, where the German comes out of his shell and shows his more personal side. "My life at Real Madrid is perfect. I feel very much at home in Spain and all I can say is that I’m the luckiest person in the world since I joined this club," Khedira said on his website.

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Sami Khedira

The German is enjoying some of his best moments at the club. The fans are taking note of the hard work he does for the team and he knows that he’s always had the backing of his teammates and Mourinho, the man who's shown the most faith in him.

Mourinho predicts a great future for Khedira at Real Madrid: "He has to stay here for many years. Why would a player as intelligent as him want to leave? Sami does amazing things on the pitch and he's mastered his position perfectly".

Mourinho interested on him when he saw Khedira in a Champions League match in Stuttgart. The Portuguese coach led Inter and was struck by his performance and personality, despite being a very young player. "The first day I saw him in the Stuttgart I knew he was a great team player. He never is erratic. It's very mature for his age."

And Mourinho talks about how he signed Khedira: «I phoned to convince him and Sami said he had offers from other important teams. So I invited him to Madrid and explained my project in person. We talked for two hours and two days later he called me to accept the offer that we made. I'm so glad he is here, because if he is good as a player, as a person is excellent."

Khedira is one of the most beloved players in the locker room. His simplicity off the pitch and his tireless work in the field, become him a valuable player in the team. A quiet leader who serves as a link between the groups within the team. Özil is his best friend and talks about Khedira: "On a personal level he's an important person for me. He's my brother at Real Madrid and playing alongside him and seeing him every day gives me great confidence, which I also give him".

Cristiano Ronaldo also praises the German: "He doesn't joke about much, but when he does tell a joke, it cracks you up. Sami is great for Real Madrid, both on and off the pitch". His partner in the midfield, Xabi Alonso, does not skimp praises: «Sami is sensational. We understand each other perfectly in the field. It is a serious player who always gives the best of himself for Real Madrid."

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