Michael Essien: New Real Madrid player

Essien by Lass. Real Madrid staged a lightning move in the final hours before the close of the transfer market and has signed, for a season, the Chelsea Ghanaian player as a substitute for Lass, who will go to Anzhi, the Russian team. The Frenchman had not closed last night his contract (they offer him 5 million euros per year) but has time to achieve it, until August 5, the date that is the deadline in Russia.

Michael Essien

Around 7:00 pm yesterday reached an irresistible proposal at the Bernabeu Stadium form Anzhi and Real Madrid, knowing it was the last option for cashing by Lass, frantically tracked down a replacement. Then came the name of Michael Essien. Di Matteo announced before the final the European Super Cup that the player was not summoned because he could go on loan. Chelsea refused to lend him to Arsenal, rival for the Premier, and quickly the talks began between Madrid (Florentino Perez, Jose Angel Sanchez and Mourinho) and London, with Michael Emenalo (Chelsea sporting director) carrying the negotiations, while Abramovich was in Monaco.

"He is ready, is ok" said a relevant source last night in Monaco, referring to Michael Essien. But the fact is that the midfielder since 2008 has suffered serious injuries which have stopped his progression. He went from being the player who could do anything to be a usual guest at the nurse room. In the 2008-09 season Essien missed seven months and the half part of the following season with torn ligaments in both knees (played 14 games in 09-10). He often participated in the season 10-11 (33 games), but only played 14 matches last season.

The most extraordinary thing is that his physical condition, as was published in the Sunday Times, is mainly due to continuous mistakes by the Chelsea medical team. Roman Abramovich, aware of this, did two things about it: fired the club doctor and took care of the mood of Essien, offering him to renew his contract with two years added when was six months without playing. In addition, increasing his salary. The Ghana team doctor also misdiagnosed his second major injury what slowed his return. Upon returning from his two years in hell, all people admitted that Essien was again the same. Even Arsene Wenger, who tried to sign him yesterday, but with Villas-Boas and Di Matteo on the bench, the player had not enjoyed minutes on the field. In other way, Michael is the type of fighter that Mourinho wants on the team. A good complement to Khedira.

With Essien, Mourinho takes a player of his confidence. In fact, he signed for Chelsea in 2005 after paying 29 million euros to Lyon. The player has French passport and will not take up a non-European place on the squad. Lass, meanwhile, will join the Anzhi, where will meet Roberto Carlos and Eto'o.

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