Real Madrid: Seven matches without a win against Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Clashes between Real Madrid and Barcelona have left many figures to the story. Barcelona has these last years a winning streak at the Bernabeu, but whites have scored more goals (369-358) that their opponents.

Real Madrid: Spanish Super Cup Champion 1996-1997 (vs Barcelona)

Goals. In the 220 Classics that have been played in history, a total of 727 goals have been scored: Real Madrid scored 369 goals. Barcelona got the rest, 358.

Storm of Classics. With today's clash, twelve classics will have been played in the last 16 months, that is, the same they played in the six-year period that runs from November 2004 to November 2010.

Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid has played 109 times against Barcelona, totaling 60 wins, 24 draws and 25 defeats (4-1-0 in Spanish Super Cup). The total result at the Bernabeu is 45 wins, 21 draws and 21 defeats. In these matches, 373 goals have been seen by the white fans, 232 goals for and 141 against.

Record. Barcelona is the first team in history to achieve seven straight visits without losing at the Bernabeu. FC Barcelona's last defeat in the white field occurred more than four years ago (4-1, 05/07/2008). That was the last time that Barcelona lost possession of ball: has got 252 straight games winning it.

Precedents. For the second time in history, Real Madrid and Barcelona have signed a 3-2 result in Barcelona, in a first leg of a two-game tournament. In the only previous precedent (knockout stages of the Copa del Rey 1996-97), the result of the second leg was 1-1 and the Barcelona overcame the tie. Statistically speaking, this first leg scoreboard gives Real Madrid a 56% chance of winning the Super Cup.

No penalties. The options to see a shootout are pretty slim: there has never been one in the Super Cup of Spain and only five times Real Madrid has won a Classic by 3-2 on home field, the last in 1990. In fact, only has been seen a final decided by a penalty shootout in the history of the Classics. It was in the quarter finals of the League Cup in 1985 and Real Madrid won (4-1).

Bad streak. Real Madrid could start a season without a win after the first four official games, something that has not happened since the year 1973: Real Madrid 0-0 Castellón (09/01/73), Granada 1-1 Real Madrid (09/09/73), Real Madrid 1-1 Real Murcia (09/15/73) and Ipswich Town 1-0 Real Madrid (09/19/73). This would be the fourth time that Real Madrid has a beginning as disastrous (1947, 1952 and 1973).

Mourinho. The Portuguese coach already began his career as a coach without winning any of their first three competitive matches coaching Benfica, but has never started a season with four straight games without winning. He had not had a bad run in the last five years, when he was on the bench of Chelsea.

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