Nuri Sahin moves to Liverpool

Real Madrid and Liverpool closed yesterday the transfer of Sahin for a season (on loan). The white club will receive 6 million euros and the British will take over the player's salary (3 million euros). A good deal for the white club, as Mourinho confirmed: "Real Madrid is well managed. Their president is ahead of many and Jose Angel Sanchez (general manager) worries about the future and economic stability of a club that is of its partners. There are operations that are easy to control. The salary, the transfer cost (10 million euros), the amount Liverpool will pay ... everything is under control".

Nuri Sahin with the Liverpool jersey number 4
Nuri Sahin: New Liverpool player

Real Madrid convinced Sahin that Liverpool is a good destination. The Turkish midfielder preferred Arsenal (which only offered 2 million euros for his transfer), because he wanted to play the Champions League and given the interest of Wenger, who has been called him several times, it looked the best option. But Sahin still has the consolation that Liverpool are playing the Europa League preview and will be easier for him to take a starting lineup place.

The player traveled to Liverpool yesterday with his agent Fazeli, where he signed the contract, he met his new coach Rodgers and posed with the number 4 Liverpool jersey that he will wear. He said his first words to the club's website: "Xabi Alonso told me to sign for The Reds and Mourinho told me about when he worked with Rodgers at Chelsea. They said me the Premier is the best place".

The new Liverpool midfielder Nuri Sahin said that has an eye on the Champions League, a competition that "a big club" like yours should play every year: "A big club like Liverpool must play each year the Champions League and we will do our best to be among the top four". Sahin, about to turn 24, joined Real Madrid last season from Borussia Dortmund, where he was named player of the Bundesliga in the 2010-2011 season.

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