Mourinho (Part 3): Improving the unimprovable

Third year of the mandate of Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid, with a structure with little change. In two seasons, the Portuguese coach have shaped the club and the squad according to his manual of style, to the point of just needing some retouching for the new season. In it, after the achievements of the Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup) and the League, the goal to which all Real Madrid fans focus is the Champions League.

But the League is the day to day and the thermometer that will measure the Real Madrid of the records. After a year virtually unbeatable, with record of points and goals, the white team will face again its great rival of the last years, Barcelona. A defeat, a draw or a goal unless its enemy can change the future of a 38-match competition. The duel Cristiano Ronaldo-Messi will travel parallel to this rivalry.

In the absence of knowing whether the white team will strengthen the right-back, the only place in the workforce without two players of guarantees, the arrival of Luka Modric will provide, in principle, rest for Xabi Alonso. Nuri Sahin did not give it him. To be changed in this Mourinho's Real Madrid, the lack of pause. The arrival of Croatian can alleviate this deficiency in some key days, as the Champions League semi-final against Bayern, for example.

Thus, Real Madrid team seems a solid team with no cracks, once convinced Higuain for the cause. His fight with Benzema, the regularity of Özil, Xabi Alonso's physical conditions, Khedira's quality improvement as his companion in the midfield, to control the aggressiveness of Pepe or the weakness on the right-back are the details to build a strong workforce with very clear ideas set by the project manager, Jose Mourinho.

Real Madrid starting lineup 2012-2013
Real Madrid 2012-2013

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