Luka Modric: "I want to play football again"

Today is the Modric's day. If all goes well, he could play a match for the first time in a football field since Real Madrid is interested in him. He played his last game against Spain on June 18. Then, in London, he has always worked alone. "I want to play football again, I am excited". So clear was yesterday when his coach Stimac talked him to know his state of mind to play against Switzerland (8:30 pm -CET-). Modric said it not only by the match. He is willing to return because time passes and the start of the Spanish league is close (Real Madrid debuts on Sunday against Valencia).

Modric with some teammates of Croatia
Modric with the Croatian team

Stimac is not yet clear whether this is the best for him. Poljud Stadium turf is not in good condition and there is risk of injury. So yesterday the coach led the team to train in Dugopolje, 20 kilometers from Split. But Modric will be in one of the two different teams that the Croatian coach will use in each period. Remains to be seen if Stimac places him as midfielder to demonstrate his tactic versatility, something that Mourinho likes.

And is that the signing of Luka Modric for Real Madrid is closer to come true. The Croatian coach, Igor Stimac, assured it was closed. He said it casually, in a spontaneous way with the security of the person handling first-hand information because obviously has direct contact with the player: "We know that Modric will play for Real Madrid".

Modric spent yesterday morning confined at the Atrium Hotel, where the harassment of the Spanish press makes to increase the security (he has asked a security officer to accompany him always). Modric was visited by a family member and in the afternoon had to go to an event in the center of Split, where he signed some autographs. The Spanish press approached him again to know how he feels, but it is well coached: look down, mouth shut and wait.

Florentino Perez and Daniel Levy, chairman of Tottenham, are using the pass of the days to set the price of the transfer. The figure (30-32 million euros plus incentives) varies as a function of time, but Modric has made ​​clear that he does not want to play for Tottenham and his only destination is Real Madrid. All parties will end giving up.

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