Modric: Real Madrid plans to announce the signing on Monday

Luka Modric is unaccounted from late on yesterday, after he did not appear to work in the afternoon workout with his teammates and the rest of the international players. The player left the game against Switzerland (Wednesday night) without wanting to comment. He traveled with the rest of the Croatian team by bus to the Atrium Hotel in Split and after dinner he joined the table in the hall in which was his family: his father and his mother, sister and several friends. All of them, with the shirt number 10 that Modric looks with his national team.

Modric: Real Madrid plans to announce his signing on Monday
Luka Modric

After half an hour chatting animatedly with his family, the player went to his room, picked up the luggage and all of them went in two cars from the garage towards Zadar, his hometown. It is a relatively short distance. Two hours by road. There, Tottenham lost track of him. He slept in his house and early in the morning took a private plane bound for London, but he did not work with the rest of the Tottenham squad although Villas-Boas awaited him knowing that his move will come true in a few hours.

Real Madrid plans to announce the hiring on Monday. There is already agreement with Tottenham for 30 million euros more five variables according to the targets reached by the Croatian. Now Levy tries to increase the variables while getting a replacement for that position.

Modric will continue training with an individual plan with Tottenham until everything is resolved. Villas-Boas has communicated it to the player as the coach said yesterday: "I ​​do not want the Modric's transfer can disturb the group. Everything is in the hands of presidents. I know that in the last few hours have had several conversations and progress has been made after a period of break. But at the moment is our player until the President tells me otherwise and we hire a replacement. Everything will be fixed soon in the coming hours. We have already contacted with a couple of clubs looking for a replacement". The circle closes. Modric has done everything necessary for his leaving and Real Madrid did the rest. On Monday, the last chapter.

Modric's teammates have already understood that Luka will leave Tottenham. The Croatian player himself has informed them that his decision is irreversible. One of those who expressed their sadness was Defoe who told the British press: "Luka is a fantastic player. We do not know exactly what happened, but this will end as all envision. It will be very hard for us".

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