Legends: Luis Molowny


Luis Molowny as player with white jersey
Luis Molowny

Luis Molowny Arbelo was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, May 12, 1925 into a family with Irish ancestry. From young, he begins to play football in his hometown.


At fifteen, he wants to test with Club Deportivo Tenerife, which had convened a screening test. Despite his request, was not invited to test. He attended the appointed day and stood behind the goal to return the balls that left the field for the bad aim of the players. His clever way to return the ball, made the technical drafted him.

Molowny is then signed by the Club Santa Cruz, in first regional division, where he could not play matches, because the minimum age to do that was 18 years. Only played friendly matches. Subsequently signed for Marino, where they won the Canary Islands Championship. At this point begins to awaken the interest of the big teams.

After the battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona, Luis Molowny end wearing the white jersey for 1946-47 season. His personal and sport adaptation was perfect. His debut comes at Metropolitan Stadium -Chamartin was under construction- against FC Barcelona. When it seemed that the tables would be the end result, Molowny pulled a magnificent and precise header which gave the win to Real Madrid.

He was a player of great precision in passing, clever and cool. Noted for its easy tricks, the temple in his ball controls and withering attacks, always topped with unstoppable shots.

Real Madrid played for eleven seasons, with players like Alfredo Di Stefano, Francisco Gento, Raymond Kopa and Ferenc Puskas. He won several titles and left the football with the appreciation of the Real Madrid fans. He played a year in Las Palmas, where he finally retired from active football.


After retiring as player, began a successful coaching career. From 1967 to 1970 he trained at UD Las Palmas, where he became runner-up league.

Molowny seeing a training as coach
Luis Molowny Coach

And in 1974 he began his relationship with the club. Joins Real Madrid to replace Miguel Muñoz. Train the team for 5 months and get a Spanish Cup. He returned in September 1977 after Miljanic leaving the team, getting a Spanish League. Leads the team until June 1979. In 1982, he was named to lead the team for two months until the end of the season. In April 1985, following the resignation of Amancio Amaro, Molowny returned to take over the team. His management ended in April 1986, This would be his last involvement as coach of Real Madrid, winning a league title and UEFA Cup that season.

From there, he served as sports director of Real Madrid. His final retirement came in 1990 when he decided to reside in his native island. He died in February 2010

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