Legends: Ciriaco Errasti


Ciriaco Errasti

Ciriaco began playing at the Unión Deportiva Eibar in his hometown, but acquired a wide reputation in the Deportivo Alaves, where he began to form a great defensive tandem with Quincoces. The great work of both was to set their team to the first division. Not unnoticed for Santiago Bernabéu.

Ciriaco was a very strong and powerful player that stood by the forcefulness which he applied in all his actions. He played well but simply, the main slogan for defenders of his time.

His arrival at Real Madrid was quickly endorsed by the successes. In his first two seasons (31-32 and 32-33) won the first two leagues in the history of the club. Its simplicity and forcefulness were instrumental in those titles. In those early campaigns played almost all league matches, forming an almost impregnable defense. Zamora (GK) received only 15 goals in the first championship; 17 in the second.

An injury marred season three of Ciricao. He could play the last two league games. His absence was important and that is why Real Madrid failed to get his third consecutive league title. The importance of the return of the brave defense Eibar was noticeable and Madrid could win the Cup against Valencia. Victory that the team repeated in 1936 by defeating Valencia again by 2-1 in Barcelona. In 1934 he played at full the World Cup in Italy and his trio with Quincoces and Zamora was recognized as the best in the world. The beginning of the Civil War ended the career of a racial defense that left its mark by the indomitable way to defend his team.

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