PSG's counter-attack: Cristiano Ronaldo

Florentino Perez, in his eagerness to sign Ancelotti as Mourinho's replacement for next season, has gotten into marshy ground with the owner of PSG, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani. As reported yesterday the newspaper L'Equipe, the prince and future Emir of Qatar has sent a message to the white president; would agree to talk about Ancelotti, who still has one year left on his contract with the French club, if Real Madrid negotiates the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ancelotti, alongside Al-Thani, owner of PSG and future Emir of Qatar

The heir to the throne of Qatar was upset with the call of the white club's general director Jose Angel Sanchez to the PSG president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, asking to speak to Ancelotti. He resists the idea of leaving to go the coach and aims to harness the efforts of Florentino to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, the great dream of sheikh, already tempted on more than one occasion.

To Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani the money would not be a problem. With a personal fortune of one billion euros, would pay 100 million to Real Madrid (according to L'Equipe) and offer him an irresistible salary. Furthermore, the future Emir is aware of the contractual status of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player remains two years contract (until 2015) and is not in a hurry to renew. The player thinks Florentino owes him an explanation by the answer when, in August, Cristiano showed him his "sadness" ("If you want to go, get me the money to sign Messi"). A troubled waters in which the owner of PSG wants to catch the biggest fish.

Real Madrid's interest in Ancelotti has again deteriorated the relationship between the two clubs. The rope tightened last summer, when the PSG tried to sign Higuain and Cristiano. The news reached offices at the Bernabeu Stadium and a member of the board telephoned to Paris to ask for explanations and blame them try to sign two players under contract. The PSG denied all ("These are things of agents" responded) and reached a non-aggression pact, that according to Al-Thani, has been violated with the Jose Angel Sanchez's call asking for Ancelotti. Hence this position of strength.

So, Paris Saint-Germain are preparing an audacious offer for Cristiano Ronaldo which they hope will convince the Portuguese to opt for a change of scenery in the summer. According to 'L'Equipe', PSG will offer the forward a stratospheric salary that would make him the second best paid footballer in the world, only behind Samuel Et'oo. Florentino Perez has repeated in recent speeches that tying the player down to a lucrative contract is his number one priority, and promised that talks would take place as soon as possible. Despite the words of the president, a new contract has not been drawn up.

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