Nasser Al-Khelaifi: PSG owner asks for respect

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the owner of PSG, is upset by the Real Madrid's intention of signing the coach Carlo Ancelotti and asked the white club respect in an interview with L'Equipe newspaper (it will be published tomorrow). "I told the Real Madrid 'respect us'. If Carlo leaves the team, it will be a problem. Few days ago, the general direct of Real Madrid, Jose Angel Sanchez, called me to ask for him" revealed the Qatari Sheikh.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi with Carlo Ancelotti

The Parisian club president was blunt about the mode of action of the white club and said his intention is to fulfill the contract signed by Carlo Ancelotti. "I said, 'If you try to sign Carlo, you must know that he has a year of contract ahead with us. So please respect us, respect the contract. We respect all clubs and expect the same treatment. We currently do not have the importance of Real Madrid, but that does not mean we do not deserve the same respect. And he (Jose Angel Sanchez) said he thought Carlo's contract ends this season and would consider it."

In that vein, the French club owner was optimistic and confident that Ancelotti will remain at the forefront of the team next season. "We want him to continue. Everyone is delighted with him; players, fans ... I love him too. I supported him since he came and I will support him to his last day here. I'm optimistic in this regard," he said.

The Italian coach won yesterday the Ligue 1 (French Football League) after 19 years of PSG's drought. "The PSG will continue to win, I also ... It is not the time to discuss my future, during the celebration. I will speak to the club at the end of season," said the Real Madrid's favorite coach to replace Mourinho.

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