Jose Mourinho: "At the moment I'm only thinking about my job as Real Madrid coach"

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho talked about his present and future with Sky Sports. When talking about his recent trip to London he recognised that it has contributed to "speculation" about his future but he added, "at the moment I only think about my job in Madrid", because he is a "professional".

Jose Mourinho attending SKY at a hotel in London
Jose Mourinho

"There is a lot of talk every time I come to London but I think people have to understand that I can still be in London very often because we have a house here and we love it here. I have big emotional connections with Chelsea, and one day I think naturally I have to be back to English football", explained the Portuguese manager.

"I am totally focused on the ambitions of Real Madrid until the end of the season. At the moment, I am completely independent of talks and speculation, and people who know me, know me well enough that I think about my job at Real Madrid. We're in the Champions League quarter-finals and we have a final [in the Spanish Cup] against Atletico Madrid."

"One day I think naturally I will have to be back in English football, either at Chelsea or another club." "Of course, Chelsea means to me differently than other clubs. I have big emotional connections with Chelsea. The club is in my heart, as Inter is for example."

Mourinho also made other comments regarding the Premier League. On Manchester United and Alex Ferguson, he admitted: "I think Manchester is Sir Alex's kingdom and I would love that job to be his job forever, of course it can't but I would love it to be for many more years".

He also spoke about Rafa Benitez, the current Chelsea manager: "I hope everything goes well for everybody, even Benitez. I hope everybody finishes the season well. I wish for them the same as I wish for myself, to finish the season well".

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