Gareth Bale: Good lad for Real Madrid

Gareth Bale's footballing talent is beyond doubt. He consistently shines in the Premier League and he is starting to outgrow Tottenham. His imposing physique and long stride, as well as his extraordinary eye for goal make him a transfer target for Real Madrid, who will try to sign him in the summer transfer window.

Gareth Bale celebrating a goal for Tottenham
Gareth Bale

However, when deciding to sign a player, Real Madrid is concerned with more than just a player's qualities on the pitch. A player's behaviour off the pitch is also studied before large sums of money are paid for him.

Gareth Bale scores an A+ in both areas. The reports that the club has about Bale's private life describe him as a normal lad, who has never been known for his off-pitch scandals and who has no unsporting vices that might endanger the feasibility of signing the Welshman.

Those reports are true. The Tottenham player has always stood out for his athletic prowess and passion and he is far removed from the parties and nightlife that are so loved by the English tabloid newspapers and to which so many players who were destined for glory finally succumbed to. Bale's priorities are the game and his family.

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