Danger: Xabi Alonso has to rest

Xabi Alonso has to stop before the risk of further injury and the worst consequences: a major break. The inflammation he suffers in the pelvis area is important and, at this point in the season, the only treatment is rest, which will require little training.

Xabi Alonso talking to Jose Mourinho during a Champions League match
Xabi Alonso and Jose Mourinho

Mourinho has a problem with the player because the pubis injury he suffers begins to be important. The Spanish Midfielder played with a sharp pain the game against Manchester United, especially when coming in contact with the ball and did it with the inside of the foot, a technical gesture which requires more effort from the muscles in the injured area.

If Xabi Alonso could start the match it was because from a few days ago his workouts are softer, due to a good work of physiotherapeutic discharge and possibly with the help of anti-inflammatory used to reduce the intense pain. After the match against Manchester United, Xabi Alonso suffered heavy pains. A kind of pain which does not allow everyday moves like bending over to tie the shoes. Even a simple sneeze becomes a pain.

It is an injury produced by the accumulation of effort and workload and, in this sense, Xabi Alonso is one of the players most used by Mourinho. This weekend he will rest against Rayo Vallecano, as Mourinho confirmed on Wednesday night and probably Xabi will not play the next league match Real Madrid will play against Deportivo, on February 23.

Real Madrid needs Xabi Alonso in order to face two decisive matches. With no options in the Spanish League, the player's workout has to focus to play in what is regarded as the decisive week. On February 26, white team will face Barcelona with a place in the Spanish Cup Final on stake. On March 5, the second leg of the last-16 round of the Champions League at Old Trafford.

Real Madrid coach acknowledged last Wednesday after the game against Manchester United that Xabi Alonso made ​​an extra effort to play the second part of the clash. He could not finish the match and Mourinho had to replace him. Despite his troubles came to save, just before being replaced, a goal shot from Van Persie. Another gesture that was recognized by Mourinho, who admitted that Xabi Alonso gave everything on the field: "Others would not have played" said the Portuguese coach.

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