Cristiano Ronaldo misses a strike partner

Neither cat nor dog, or anything else like it. The Real Madrid played the entire game against Manchester without a decent '9' in the field. Any resemblance between Benzema and Higuain with what was seen in the Bernabeu is purely coincidental. Without the help of a strike partner, Cristiano Ronaldo is guarded by the opposing team, so he cannot find spaces or opportunities, something that affects the Portuguese player and the whole team.

Higuain replaces Benzema in front of Mourinho
Higuain replaces Benzema last Wednesday

As in all big games the last two seasons Benzema started the clash but wandered across the lawn with the body present. His lack of intensity, his indolence in pressure the opponent and his desperate lack of character made ​​him an insignificant player in the white attack, a dead weight that appeared and disappeared as if by magic.

Benzema played 59 minutes, with the next shocking figures; a shot, a play in the rival area, a cross to the opposite area, two steals, six turnovers and an assist. Then came Higuain, who did not improve at all like his predecessor on the grass. It was the first Mourinho's change when the white team cried out for a more midfielder (Modric) to give some air to an exhausted Real Madrid.

'Pipita' Higuain demonstrated again that the European Champions League is not his thing. He moved more than Benzema, but not better. He made some interesting moves to the wings, but never generated danger or concern in the Manchester United defensive line. Higuain played 31 minutes, with these numbers; two shots (one on goal), a play in the rival area, three crosses in the opposite goal area, two losses and no recovery. Cristiano Ronaldo needs more. A little bit more.

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