Cristiano vs Messi: New challenge towards the Golden Ball

The Classic returns, and with it, the duel between the two titans of modern football: Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. Last season the Portuguese tipped the scales in his favor. Messi scored more goals, 82 against 69 by Cristiano (Added the goals with national teams), but Real Madrid won the Spanish League and the Portuguese scored a goal in the Nou Camp which gave them the victory that sealed the title. In Barcelona still remember his gesture calling for calm after breaking the tie just three minutes after the Barcelona goal.

Cristiano vs Messi. Spanish Super Cup 2011
Cristiano vs Messi. Spanish Super Cup 2011

The Super Cup will be the first challenge to measure forces. Last season Messi won the first round in the battle something that Cristiano does not forget and wants revenge. But in addition of the Spanish Super Cup, it is the UEFA's Best Player Award 2011-2012. Although Mourinho talked about this trophy in this way: "The Super Cup is the less important competition of the year", an outstanding performance of either could make a decisive impact in the voting to be held on the day of the gala award ceremony (August 30).

Cristiano and Messi are also the favorite footballers for the Golden Ball with Casillas and Iniesta. Mourinho has no doubt and defended the candidacy of the white number '7': "If there is justice, Cristiano will win". The coach understands that winning the best league in the world should outweigh the number of goals. But the Golden Ball will not be delivered until January so what is going to happen in these months of competition can help Cristiano to increase his advantage with Messi to be the best player in the world.

Against Valencia, Cristiano did not show his best version. The Portuguese is still working to reach his best shape. The Portuguese reached the semifinals of Euro 2012 and started to work with Real Madrid on July 28. Since then he has played 375 minutes (60 of them with Portugal) in which he has scored three goals. Messi, meanwhile, has enjoyed 31 days of vacation and has made full preseason with Barcelona (465 minutes and eight goals). Last season the Argentinian started to work two days before the Super Cup first leg and finished vomiting at the Bernabeu.

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